About us

SIS is a leader in rental of mobile Vapor Combustion Units (VCU / Mobile Flares) and  Zone – 0 Blowers. 

Our services and technologies play an essential role in enabling our clients to reduce their (VOC) emissions and ensure that they are in compliance with the most stringent environmental rules and legislations.

SIS offers the largest and most versatile fleet of mobile emission control units available today, tailored to midstream and downstream operations.

Cooperation with our clients and partners is fundamental to our business. By understanding our client’s operational and permitting challenges, we provide short- and long term solutions that guarantee continuity, full compliance and optimum operational performance.

From our office in Amelinghausen, Germany, we serve the international Oil & Gas industry 24/7 around the globe.

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  • Flexibility
  • 24/7 Service 
  • Skilled staff
  • Engineering
  • Custom solutions
  • ISO 9001, SCC (P) and WHG certified
  • Innovation
  • Versatile fleet
  • Experience
  • Safety first