Emissions Control

On any operating tank terminal, you have VOC and HAP emissions. Systems in the form of flares, VRU’s and floating roofs are installed to keep emissions under control. 

When (operational) changes occur at the terminal or maintenance work is scheduled, it can be difficult to remain in compliance with environmental rules and regulations.

SIS provides solutions to assist in these situations.

Tank Degassing

Prior to starting tank cleaning operations, SIS can extract vapors from the tank to get the tank below LEL, creating an explosion free working environment and make the tank faster available for cleaning. All vapors are combusted in our mobile vapor combustion unit(s) to reduce hazardous emissions and exposure on site.

We continue degassing the tank during cleaning to maintain the tank below LEL, speeding up the cleaning process and avoiding emissions from the cleaning operations.

  • Tank degassing
  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) backup
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Ship- , Barge-, Train- and Truck loading facilities
  • Pipeline degassing
  • Ship and barge degassing
  • Vacuum truck emissions
  • Roof landing emissions
  • (Non men entry / Robotic) Tank cleaning
  • Emissions and odor control

Vacuum Truck Emissions

Vacuum trucks are used for numerous activities on site and they regularly blow of their overpressure. These vent streams contain high concentrations of VOC and HAP, exposing personnel on site on a daily basis.

SIS’s mobile combustion units can be set up to combust these vent streams in parallel with degassing operations, significantly improving the working environment and reducing long term health risks.

Roof landings & Odor control

Roof landings are an underestimated source of emissions. Every time a roof landing takes place and a tank is refilled, the entire volume of the free space will bypass the seals and is vented to the atmosphere. 

Taking a 50 m / 160’ tank as an example, that equals around 5000 m3 / 175000 SCF per landing!!!!

Hydrocarbons are even more harmful to the environment then CO2, so it is easy to reduce your carbon footprint by addressing the emissions of roof landings first.

SIS offers Zone – 0 rental Blower skids to extract vapors from the free space during roof landings and direct them towards the environmentally friendly processing infrastructure on site.

If you are dealing with multiple roof landings on several tanks on a regular basis, SIS can set up a Zone – 0 Blower rental skid and piping network to extract vapors from all tanks. 

This solution is also often chosen for odor control.

When required our Mobile Combustor® or Flying Combustor® can be set up in combination with a Zone – 0 Blower to combust the vapors in an environmentally friendly way.


SIS’s services, helps you to be in full compliance with the most stringent rules and legislation, reduce exposure on site, speed up tank cleaning operations and reduce your carbon footprint.