Dock Safety Unit (DSU)

Loading and offloading hydrocarbons in a marine environment always comes with challenges. Safety, pressure and vapor control are the no.1 priority.

To ensure you have full control of vessel over- and under pressure, fire protection, explosion protection, overfilling and LEL, we provide compact certified skid mounted Dock Safety Units (DSU) that comply with the most stringent rules and regulations around.

The unit comes with automatic nitrogen flushing for additional safety. 

For long term or permanent applications, the PLC of the unit can be programmed to integrate the unit(s) with your existing operating controls and procedures.

  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) replacement
  • TO and RTO replacement
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Ship- , Barge-, Train- and Truck loading facilities
  • Marine loading
  • Ship and barge degassing
  • Dock Safety Unit (DSU)
  • Pipeline degassing
  • Emissions control
  • Odor control