SIS specializes in services related to rental flares. To provide clients with long term solutions we also supply permanent combustion systems and Zone - 0 Blower skids.

All units are custom designed, certified and in full compliance with the most stringent rules and legislations around. They can handle a wide range of flow rates, compositions and vapor (mixtures). Typical combustion output is between 1 to 30 MW / unit (3.4 to 100 MMBTU / hr).

Zone – 0 Blower skid

A plant upgrade, terminal expansion or new emission guidelines change the way you operate your site. If your VRU or flare has capacity left, we can supply certified permanent Zone – 0 Blower skids to extract vapors from installations, plants, (storage) tanks, jetties, loading facilities etc. and have them environmentally friendly processed in the existing infrastructure.

Whether you have an application on a refinery, chemical plant, tank terminal, LNG terminal, steel mill, mine or power plant, we can engineer, deliver and install the right system for you.

With our flexible rental fleet we can support you immediately until the permanent solution is installed, guaranteeing continuity and full permit compliance from day one.

  • Tank terminal
  • Refineries and chemical plant
  • Power plant
  • Ship- , Barge-, Train- and Truck loading facilities
  • Marine loading
  • VRU backup and replacement
  • Soil regeneration
  • Emissions control
  • Odor control
  • Dock Safety Unit (DSU)

Dock Safety Unit (DSU)

Loading and offloading hydrocarbons in a marine environment is always challenging. Safety, pressure and vapor control are major priorities.

To ensure you have full control of vessel / barge over- and under pressure, fire protection, explosion protection, overfilling and LEL, SIS builds certified skid mounted Dock Safety Units (DSU). Our DSU’s are state of the art and in compliance with the most stringent rules and regulations around.

The unit comes with automatic nitrogen flushing for additional safety. 

Safety starts at the dock!