Zone - 0 Blower

SIS offers unique certified Zone - 0 Blower rental skids and piping networks to safely extract vapors from installations, plants, tanks, ships, jetties etc.

A system breaks down, a permit is tightened, new clients come on board on your terminal, operations decide to change tanks, a jetty changes product, a catalyst change needs to be executed, a tank has to be cleaned. These are all very familiar situations and they face you with an emissions and permit challenge.  

For these applications SIS offers rental Zone – 0 Blower skids with corresponding piping networks.

Our blowers safely extract vapors in a Zone 0 environment to direct them to systems for environmentally friendly processing, like our Mobile Combustor® or Flying Combustor®.

Concerned about distance? 

We can handle it. We have sufficient piping in stock to cover your needs. Networks in excess of more than 1000 m per section / 1100 yards are not uncommon.

  • Tank degassing
  • Roof landing emissions
  • Vent stack
  • Catalyst change
  • Ship- , Barge-, Train- and Truck loading facilities
  • Vacuum truck degassing
  • Waste water degassing
  • Ship and barge degassing
  • Soil regeneration
  • Emissions and odor control